God has blessed our congregation by raising a number of people up to serve our church family.

  • Lead Pastor Mike Ernst

    Pastor Mike came to know Christ during spring break of his senior year in high school. His life drastically changed as God opened his eyes to the reality and greatness of Christ and the truths of the Bible. His call to ministry was simultaneous with his conversion. Soon after coming to faith Mike attended Westmont College. While there he met Michelle and they married the year after graduation. Mike received a Master of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. Dallas Seminary proved to be a time of extraordinary spiritual growth. It was a vital time in Mike’s preparation for pastoring as well as his Christian life. Mike and Michelle have three children: Michael, Mark, and Grace. Their children attend Del Oro High School and Forest Lake Christian School. Before coming to Cornerstone in 2009, Mike was the Lead Pastor at Cool Community Church. 

    The Ernst family believes the Sierra displays the glory of God –it is one of His most magnificent theaters in creation. In their free time they can be found on some outdoor adventure that points them to Him –hiking, paddling, skiing, backpacking or sitting by the campfire in their yard. Mike rides his mountain bike on trails in the American River Canyon. You can view some of the books that have influenced him and read his reviews of them here.

    You can reach Mike at mike@cornerstonecc.org or 530-823-0141. 

  • Elder Board

    Cornerstone's elders are Don Bramer (chairman), Mike Ernst, and Keith Goodrich.

  • Jake Koder

    Director of Music and Student Ministries

  • Sedona Sloan

    Office Administrator