I have children. Is there a nursery? Is there a program for my children?

Yes! We have a safe and fun program for children through 6th grade during our Sunday morning worship service. This program is designed to come alongside parents by teaching the entire storyline and major ideas (theology) of the Bible from K-6th. Click here for more info!

What is your style of worship music?

We have a blended style of modern and traditional songs. Click here to read an article by John Piper that describes our values.

What is expected of visitors?

We will not ask you to introduce yourself or give money during the worship service. We simply invite you to glorify and enjoy God with us!

How do people dress?

We have a wide variety of people, young and old, wealthy and... not wealthy! Some of our older men wear suits, but some of them wear flip flops, and the average person is casual and comfortable.

Do you have groups for adults?

Yes. Click here to read more about our groups (some for adult men, some for adult women) and "Small Groups" (groups of adults and older children (mid-elementary +) meeting in homes to apply the gospel by caring for and praying for one another). Some groups discuss the Sunday sermon passage and some groups study other content. 

Does Cornerstone impact the community?

Cornerstone is deeply involved with homeless ministry in Auburn. Homeless people often attend our services and our pastors know our local homeless by name. Read more about our compassionate outreach by clicking here